9 Short Stories from Care-leavers

Projects, Film based work, Community Outreach
This project created 9 individual films with Careleavers who have gone onto Further and Higher Education from a Care background. Currently in the UK, only 12% of young people who have been brought up in care, go on to University. This project used person-centred approaches to capture the insights and messages from Careleavers who have gone to University and College to create a resource for other young people in care and education professionals. The DVD of all 9 films was distributed to every school and college in the South West of England.

This project was funded by: Aimhigher Peninsula Programme.

Claire's work has been exemplary in engaging with very challenging audience's and has made a significant contribution to making sure Aimhigher meets its targets....engaging with such groups requires tact, empathy and diplomacy - qualities which Claire has consistently displayed. Claire's specialist technical skills have enabled her to support participants in producing high quality work and in encouraging the learner voice."
Keith Appleby, Chair, Aimhigher Peninsula Programme Area Partnership Committee
Claire Macneill
Mashup! Productions

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