Winter Wonderland, PPT

Characters, Festival Games, Theatre
A month-long Christmas residency at The People's Park Tavern (East London) to launch a full venue transformation. Roaming Characters engaged audiences in: Treasure trails, Snowball fights, Riddles, Limbo Competitions and Secret Missions (to name just a few). Characters were themed to compliment a beautiful tale written for the venue about a lost Winter Wonderland and the creatures that lived within.
We worked with Claire on the immersive concept for our winter pop-up ‘Winterland’. Claire collaborated with us from day one, providing insight and advice from her years of expertise throughout. She listened diligently to our needs, and brought magic and life to the project through her clever use of actors, costume, props and games for a fully transformative customer experience."
Gaz Kllokoqi, Managing Partner at People's Park Tavern, Victoria Park
Claire Macneill
Mashup! Productions

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