About Claire 

Claire MacNeill is a Doctor of Applied Theatre. Her research into the efficacy of theatre, films and installations as a tool of empowerment with marginalised groups has spanned 20+ years. In collaboration with those she has worked with, she has developed unique models and techniques to bring about change via creative interventions. Claire is Lecturer, Consultant, published author and the Director and Founder of MashUp! Productions.

About MashUp! Productions

MashUp! Productions specialises in producing bespoke projects and events underpinned by the principles of Claire’s research. At the heart of all we do is a commitment to making people the heroes and stars of their own adventures and freeing people up to play and participate. We produce massive parties, intimate installations and everything in between. We have a diverse portfolio of productions, events, venue curation and pop-up performances.

Claire Macneill
Mashup! Productions

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