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Ninth Life

Interactive Booths (Ninth Life)

Could Never be Me (Media Design)

ISG Social Value Film Bid

Once More Down the Rabbit Hole

The Aeronaut Promo Film

Lecturing (Academic)

Conferences (Academic)

Whirl-y-Gig Installations

The Viewing

The Game Show Show

The Irish Mammies

Children’s Homes

Alternative Worlds

Little Fish Theatre: Transition Programme

Beyond Adversity

Dramatising Social Care (book)

Roaming Characters

Tropical Pressure Festival

9 Short Stories from Care-leavers

Putney Arts Theatre

Little Fish Theatre (Films)

Performing Places

Colonising Childhood, CPT

Winkledean Retirement Home

The Four Thieves

Winter Wonderland, PPT

Aimhigher, Perceptions

Big Brother / Sista Diary Room

Virtual Schools, RiO

Little Fish Theatre (Summer Programme)

What is love? Love Carnival

Estate Based Projects

Aeronaut Relaunch

Bad Advice (Secret Garden Party)