Aimhigher, Perceptions

A year-long project touring Devon and the South-East to work with misrepresented young people and lower socio-economic groups culminating in an interactive and immersive exhibition in a central space in Barnstable, North Devon. The theme of ‘perceptions’ was used to help groups to identify how they are seen and their truths. The aim of this multi-faceted project was to help to ‘reframe’ groups who are seen negatively by their communities and to enable participants to re-view themselves in a positive way and to celebrate their skills, talents and achievements.

This project was one of a number of programmes designed and produced by Claire MacNeill whilst acting as a project manager for Aimhigher, Peninsula Programme. Perceptions engaged hundreds of young people and members of their community.

What our client had to say

"We have been fortunate to have Claire working with us at The Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon on a number of community projects. With a great mixture of technical knowledge, creative flair and people skills she helped us to deliver a number of ground-breaking activities, facilitating both on-going workshops and being a critical member of the team for events involving hundreds of participants."

Julian VayneOutreach and Learning Officer, The Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon