Children’s Homes

At the core of Claire’s practice are the foundations laid by intensive work across a number of Residential Children’s Homes in Hampshire between 1999 – 2006. What began as an undergraduate project became a deep rooted passion for developing drama and theatre within Children’s Homes and working directly with young people in care and, in time, their carers.

The young people involved in this work helped to shape and inform core ideologies and practical approaches that continue to underpin MashUp!’s work and Claire’s consultancy today.

This work produced films, theatre productions, animations, installations and original methodologies with regards to facilitation techniques and creative approaches to storytelling and person-specific empowerment.

What our client had to say

"Claire has worked with the residents of *** since 1999. She uses her excellent interpersonal skills to enable our young people to express their emotions, concerns and fears in a safe environment. Claire is passionately committed to the young people with whom she works, and provides an invaluable service by continuing to engage and support those who have left care. She has also maintained links with young people who have moved to secure units. The high standard of work Claire is able to elicit continues to surprise and delight staff here."

Tom TynanResidential Social Worker, *** Children’s Home