The Game Show Show

Enter into the world of ‘The Game Show Show’; A 2-hour fully immersive Game Show show where you, as the contestants, are catapulted into all the classic game shows you’ve watched on TV for decades!

The all encompassing ‘The Game Show Show’ brings you a mega mashup of classic Game Shows from the 1970s to the 2000s hosted by deranged mother and son duo and a whole range of “special guests” (including Bruce Forsyth, Anneka Rice and Gordon the Gopher to name just a few). This show has been meticulously designed so that audiences are integral to the action and get to feel like proper contestants on TV with: activity kits, buzzers, giveaways, interactive whiteboards and team challenges – to ensure there is never a dull moment.

Presented by: MashUp! Productions

Written by: Dr Claire MacNeill and James Bryant
Technical Design by: Timothy Kelly

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What our client had to say

"That is the best show we have ever had here and could be the best show I've ever seen."

Dene StevensonManaging Partner at The Aeronaut, West London