Winkledean Retirement Home

A 1-2 hour show of absolute mayhem devised and performed by the MashUp! Productions crew (Thompson, Fehilly, Burman and MacNeill). Perfect for festivals, cabaret and comedy nights. Completely original content and characters. Audience participation.

Show Synopsis 

“The highly coveted role of ‘Activities Coordinator’ has (rather suspiciously) become available at Winkledean Retirement Home. As fate would have it there has been a tie in votes between arch enemies and long-term residents Maggie and Arthur!¬†Tonight and tonight only we call on your help to settle the score and help us decide who should be rightfully appointed.

How? through a series of ridiculous challenges and games hosted by Jeremy, the long-suffering manger of the home”.

Photography and film work by Dan Burman Photography by Jess Lawlor

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What our client had to say

"I would highly recommend working with Claire, she really understood the venue and the target audience by curating a thoroughly entertaining interactive show which everyone enjoyed, whether they were spectating or getting involved. Along with the professionalism of the show itself, we were fully supported with engaging, unique promotional content from the very start to post event. Do not miss out on an opportunity to work with Mash Up Productions!"

Roxy WestBusiness Development Manager, Laine Pub Company Ltd.