‘Murder at the Circus’ Corporate Workshop

A full-day corporate team-building workshop for regional, senior staff teams; Commissioned by ISG.

Through this immersive murder-mystery game, staff teams were placed in-role as detectives trying to solve a crime that had taken place amongst a touring Circus Troupe. The ‘Circus Troupe’ were played by pre-selected staff members who we workshopped with separately.

MashUp! Productions provided all costume, clues, pre-narrative work, workshops with the ‘Circus-Troupe’ members and facilitated the investigation and court-case on the day.

What our client had to say

What I appreciate most from Claire is that she makes sure that we understand what we want to achieve. Her creativity and delivery of the murder mystery game in particular was seamless in terms of keeping a large crowd of people engaged and entertained, allowing me to relax and enjoy, letting someone else lead which was great for me.

Peter Kelly, Director of Sustainable Operations, ISG