The Big Blue Blob

Commissioned by: Full House Theatre Company and Women’s Aid this project used multi-disciplinary workshops to develop collaborative research with young people who have experienced domestic violence.

We created the fictional frame of a brand-new planet called ‘The Big Blue Blob’ (BBB). The young people were invited – as expert consultants – to advise on how they thought the new planet should: be safe, caring and a nice place to live.

Through a sequence of creative workshops the young people responded to different questions and requests from ‘Blue Monster’ (who had been put in charge of gathering information) about how to create a happy place. Over 5 weeks, the young people explored different themes and ideas together; with Blue Monster and the other resident creatures keeping in regular contact via videos and letters to the group.

The young people’s work was curated into an immersive exhibition, hosted by the young people, for: parents, carers, and staff from Women’s Aid and local refuges.

This project used: puppetry, prop making, small and giant set-making, drama workshops and theatre games throughout. Claire designed the concept and structure and delivered the workshops alongside the Artistic Directors of Full House Theatre and representatives from Women’s Aid.

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What our client had to say

"I was really touched by the children’s showcase, it was clearly evident how much the children enjoyed it and what positive impact the workshops had on their lives."

Gaby, Women's Aid