Interactive Booths (Ninth Life)

We transformed ‘The Booths’ at Ninth Life from a previously stark stables area into an installation experience whereby customers can enter into 5 unique mini worlds and feel transported. Each booth is individual in style and concept. These Booths were designed and produced entirely by MashUp! Productions.

Booth 1: A Tribute to the 70’s;

Booth 2: The Cats of Catford (featuring images of over 60 local residents cats!);

Booth 3: The Garden of Eden;

Booth 4: A Tribute to – Yayoi Kusama / Participatory Art;

Booth 5: Surrealism / A Man Called Sean.

What our client had to say

"A cross between The Mighty Hoopla and an immersive gallery, the labyrinthine Ninth Life is an homage to festival culture".