Ninth Life

Ninth Life was designed (aesthetically and conceptually) by Claire MacNeill / MashUp! Productions, in partnership with Laine Pub Company.

The concept for Ninth Life was born from years of researching and developing work at festivals, both in the UK and worldwide. Ninth Life is hotbed for new ideas and collaborations. The venue pays homage to independent festivals, in particular: Shambala, Noisily, Boomtown, SGP and Burning Man. It aims to reflect the magic and ethos of these festivals through our weekly programming, larger scale events and community outreach work. We create ongoing partnerships with multi-disciplinary artists in ways that enable the site to act as a creative hub for showcasing, networking, rehearsal and development. We also work in directly with local communities and groups, youth theatres and Universities to ensure our programme is responsive to their projects and ideas.

The Venues Unique Features Include:

  • A purpose built an interactive theatre maze consisting of 9 rooms across 2 floors.
  • A graffiti garden curated by some of London’s leading street-artists.
  • Interactive installations throughout the venue designed for people to discover and interact with.
  • A massive collaborative wall that has been produced by everyone who came to visit within our first few months of opening.
  • A secret micro-venue under the stairs that is regularly transformed, inspired by Boomtown’s hidden worlds.
  • Fibre-optic installations and artwork produced by festival artists and designers.
  • A purpose-built outdoor exhibition space in partnership with Catford Arts.

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Fashion shoot by Tara Khorzad | UV designs by Neon Naked | Graffiti Designs by EndOfTheLine | Select photos by Dan Burman

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What our client had to say

"A cross between The Mighty Hoopla and an immersive gallery, the labyrinthine Ninth Life is an homage to festival culture."

Alexander SimsTime Out, (4 star review)