Little Fish Theatre (Films)

Claire MacNeill has been producing promotional films and digital media for Little Fish Theatre Company for over 8 years.

One strand of this partnership has been to produce films which support the launch of Little Fish’s new plays; and research these play’s impact on audiences of young people and professionals, as well creating digital backdrops as part of the scenic elements of the plays themselves. Claire also takes still photography of new plays (as seen below).

Little Fish specialise in producing issue based theatre that tours educational settings and professional theatre spaces. The films that accompany each new play are used to generate funding, research impact and create a digital online resource for commissioners. To see other examples visit:

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What our client had to say

"Claire captures the important social issues and phyisicality of our theatre shows through her promo videos, each time with a great understanding of what the company needs. Her technical ability through editing such quick paced shots, showing the key aspects of the project with high quality sound, makes each video a fantastic record of the companies work. Claire uses editing programmes which supplement our live work with excellent effects and lighting, incorporating interviews and visual cues to guide viewers in a clear and structured way".

Suha Al-KhayyatArtistic Co-Director, Little Fish Theatre Company