To Be Continued…

To date, TBC has reached: over 6,000 young people and professionals within: schools, colleges and education settings across inner-city London and Kent. Extracts from the play have been performed at national and regional conferences for International Women’s Day and as part of training events for education and welfare professionals.

To Be Continued (TBC) fused: spoken word, participatory theatre, music and digital media to create a play that examined sexism, toxic masculinity, gender-stereotypes and allyship for year: 9,10 and 11 students. To Be Continued was produced in partnership with Little Fish Theatre Company and was funded by: The Arts Council England, Global fund for Children and the Royal Borough of Greenwich; With additional funding awarded from ‘Safer Greenwich’ to retour the play to more schools.

Written by Claire MacNeill | Media by Claire MacNeill | Stage design by Constance Villiemot | Sound design by Anna Wood & Colin MacNeill | Directed by Claire MacNeill, Suha Al-Khayyat & Alex Cooke | Funded by Arts Council England & Safer Greenwich.

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What our client had to say

One of the most powerful aspects of the play was how the female characters spoke up for themselves and the slight mention of being queer - like it was normal when Kiera asked if her friend was thinking about a girl.

Year 9 Student, Plumstead Manor High School, London