Virtual Schools, RiO

A 6-month project working with Children in Care, Foster Carers, Designated Teachers and Head Teachers.

This project explored ways in which relationships and communication can be improved between: Carers, Teachers and Young people. Using person-specific approaches, individualised animations were created with/by the young people. Through practical workshops with Teachers and Foster carers, new creative engagement techniques were developed. The project culminated in an exhibition of work at The Phoenix Centre in Exeter. The young people were also invited to deliver a workshop to social care professionals at a National Designated Teachers Conference.

What our client had to say

"Young people felt the project had given them creative skills and ways to express themselves that they would find valuable in their lives in school and beyond. One young person has been investigating design based apprenticeships as a result of the project and has been commissioned to create a painting for a member of staff at her school...
Young people felt that they were now perceived differently in school and that teachers were able to recognise their talents. They were able to own their own skills as artists and creators. They felt that perceptions might continue to change if other school staff and subject teachers as well as social workers and carers could see the films produced. "

Claudia HopeRiO Project Manager, (Extracts from Project Evaluation doc.)